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050 00 PS2388.B54|bP37 2012 
100 1  Parker, Hershel. 
245 10 Melville biography :|ban inside narrative /|cHershel 
260    Evanston, Ill. :|bNorthwestern University Press,|cc2012. 
300    xix, 587 p. ;|c24 cm. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 545-561) and 
505 00 |gPart I. Biographer and biography:|tMelville and the 
       footsteps theory of biography --|tTextual editor as 
       biographer in training : the Norton Moby-Dick and the 
       Northwestern-Newberry writings of Herman Melville --
       |tEntangled by Pierre : doing biography away from the 
       archives --|tCreating the new Melville log and writing the
       biography --|tFacts that do not speak for themselves --
       |tDesiderata and discoveries in traditional archives and 
       databases --|gPart II. Critics vs. biographical 
       scholarship:|tAgenda-driven reviewers : Melville in the 
       insular New York newspapers and magazines vs. global 
       loomings from "ragtag bloggers" and litblogs --|tLittle 
       Jack Horners and archivophobics --|tBiographical scholars 
       and recidivist critics --|tPresentism in Melville 
       biography --|tLate twentieth-century mini-Melville: New 
       York intellectuals without information --|tEarly twenty-
       first-century mini-Melville : New York intellectuals 
       without information --|gPart III. The biographer in the 
       workshop: demonstrations and challenges:|tMelville as the 
       "modern Boccaccio" : the fascinations of Fayaway --
       |tMelville's courtship of Elizabeth Shaw --|tMelville's 
       short run of good luck (1845-1849) : fool's paradise 
       without international copyright --|tMelville without 
       international copyright (1850-1854) : a Harper "sacrifice"
       for the "public good" --|tMelville and Hawthorne's dinner 
       at the Hotel in Lenox --|tWhy Melville took Hawthorne to 
       the Holy Land : biography enhanced by databases and an 
       amateur blogger --|tMelville as a Titan of literature 
       among high-minded British admirers : the Kory-Kory and 
       Queequeg component --|tDamned by dollars : Moby-Dick and 
       the price of genius. 
600 10 Parker, Hershel. 
600 10 Melville, Herman,|d1819-1891|xCriticism and interpretation
650  0 Biography as a literary form. 
650  0 Criticism|zUnited States. 
650  0 Novelists, American|y19th century|vBiography|xBiography
       |xHistory and criticism. 
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