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100 1  Rotenberg, Mordechai,|eauthor. 
245 10 Damnation & deviance :|bthe Protestant ethic and the 
       spirit of failure /|cMordechai Rotenberg. 
246 3  Damnation and deviance 
264  1 Abingdon, Oxon :|bRoutledge,|c2017. 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication;
       Contents; Introduction to the Transaction Edition; 
       Foreword; Chapter 1. The Protestant Ethic vs. the "People-
       Changing" Professions; Metaphors of Deviance in Historical
       Perspective; Predestination and the Success-Failure 
       Paradigm; Rationalism and Dualism in Criminology; 
       Predestinai Dualism and Psychotherapy; Chapter 2. Puritan 
       Damnation and Deviance: A Socio-Historical Case Study; 
       Predestinai Dualism and Religious Deviation; Predestinai 
       Dualism and Secular Deviance; Predestinai Free Will and 
       Deviance; Conclusion 
505 8  Chapter 3. "Differential Insensitivity" and the Myth of 
       the "Psychopath"Diagnostic Labeling for Nontreatment; Who 
       Is the "Empirical Psychopath"?; Psychopathy, Neurosis, and
       "Differential Insensitivity"; Desensitization Systems for 
       Functional Insensitivity; Research Implications of 
       Dysfunctional Insensitivities; Assessing Sociophysiologica
       lInsensitivities; "DifferentialInsensitivity" and 
       Desensitization: A Pilot Study; Sensitization of 
       Dysfunctional Insensitivities; The "Excitement -- Boredom"
       (Pleasure -- Pain) Principle; Conclusion; Chapter 4. The 
       Antilabeling Crusade and self-labling 
505 8  Labeling Analysis and the Antilabeling CrusadeThe Roots of
       Self-labeling; Social Darwinism and Labeling Theory; 
       Conclusion; Chapter 5. Empirical Explorations of 
       Indicative Labeling; Indicative Social Labeling: Americans
       and Israelis; Indicative Self-Labeling: Mental Patients; 
       Conclusion; Chapter 6. ""Contingent Being"" and the 
       ""Action-Reaction""Convergence Model; Primary and 
       Secondary Roles; Primary and Secondary Labeling; Primary 
       and Secondary Others; Primary and Secondary Involvement; 
       Prison Social Types and Contingent Being; Assessment of 
       Social-Self Type Congruity 
505 8  Interrelationships Between the Labeling and Opportunity 
       PerspectivesConstructive Labeling: A Perspective for 
       Treatment; Chapter 7.""Alienating"" and ""Reciprocal 
       Individualism; The Roots of "Alienating Individualism"; 
       "Amae": The Challenge of Desirable Dependency; "Amae" and 
       the Revolt of Existential Groups; The Nature of 
       "Reciprocal Individualism"; Assessing Protestantism, 
       Egocentrism, and Loneliness; Conclusion; Chapter 8. 
       Retrospective vs. Prospective Therapy: An Encounter 
       Between the Protestant and Hassidic Salvation Ethics; 
       "Retrospective Therapy." 
505 8  The Protestant Conception of ConscienceSelf-torturing 
       Phases in Conversion; The "Psychologization" of 
       Conversion; "Prospective Therapy"; Holisticvs. Dualistic 
       Conceptions of Evil; The Hassidic Doctrine of Sparks; The 
       Transformation of Seeming "Evil"; Redemption by Descending
       to the Other; Alien Thoughts and Repression; The 
       Prohibition of Retrospective Self-torture; The "Feather 
       Blanket" Principle for Producing Energizing Joy; 
       Conclusion and Summary; Appendix: The Egoistic/
       Collectivistic (E/C-nAch) Questionnaire; Bibliography; 
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       June 25, 2018). 
650  0 Psychiatry|xPhilosophy. 
650  0 Psychiatry and religion. 
650  0 Calvinism. 
650  0 Hasidism. 
650  0 Deviant behavior. 
650  0 Mental illness|xDiagnosis. 
650 12 Religion and Psychology. 
650 22 Psychopathology. 
650 22 Protestantism. 
650 22 Judaism. 
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