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245 00 Huari :|bSE65. 
260    New Haven, Conn. :|bHuman Relations Area Files,|c2003- 
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490 1  EHRAF archaeology. South America 
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500    This portion of eHRAF archaeology was first released in 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 20 |tWari experiments in statecraft /|rMartha B. Anders --
       |tExcavations at Wari, Ayacucho, Peru /|rWendell C. 
       Bennett --|tSpatial patterning and the function of a Huari
       architectural compound /|rChristine C. Brewster-Wray --
       |tRural foundation for urbanism /|rWilliam Harris Isbell -
       -|tWas Wari a state? /|rWilliam H. Isbell and Katharina J.
       Schreiber --|tTradition summary: Huari /|rPatricia J. 
       Knobloch and Sarah Berry --|tWari Empire, A.D. 700-1100 /
       |rLuis G. Lumbreras --|tReconnaissance notes on the site 
       of Huari, near Ayacucho, Peru /|rJohn H. Rowe, Donald 
       Collier and Gordon R. Willey. 
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520    The Hauri (also Wari) tradition dates to 1500-1000 BP; it 
       is coeval with the Tiahaunaco tradition. Hauri territory 
       expanded to include highlands and coastal Peru. There are 
       23 documents in this collection. Anders reports on the 
       administrative center of Azangaro; Bennett on his 
       excavations at Huari; Brewster-Wray on excavations at the 
       administrative residence from Moraduchayuc. Isbell and 
       Schrieber use settlement data to establish that Huari was 
       a state level society. Isbell reports on excavations at 
       Jargampata and discusses rural-urban interaction. 
       Lumbreras discusses ceramics styles from various sites and
       architecture from Huari. Rowe, Collier and Willey analyze 
       the results of a survey of Hauri and review published 
       reports to establish typologies for architecture and 
       ceramics. Sixteen documents are from Huari administrative 
       structure, and together present a comprehensive overview 
       of Huari material culture. Also covered are excavations at
       Hauri, Azangaro, the residential and ceremonial site of 
       Pikillacta, Jincamocco, and Yako. 
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650  0 Huari Indians|xAntiquities. 
650  0 Indians of South America|zPeru|xAntiquities. 
650  0 Indians of South America|zAndes Region|xAntiquities. 
651  0 Peru|xAntiquities. 
651  0 Andes Region|xAntiquities. 
651  0 Huari Site (Peru) 
651  0 Pikillacta Site (Peru) 
651  0 Moquegua River Valley (Peru)|xAntiquities. 
651  0 Jincamocco Site (Peru) 
651  7 Andes Region.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01241744 
651  7 Peru.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01205190 
651  7 Peru|zHuari Site.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01242887 
651  7 Peru|zJincamocco Site.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01260936 
651  7 Peru|zMoquegua River Valley.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01276326 
651  7 Peru|zPikillacta Site.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01255209 
700 12 Anders, Martha B.,|d-1990.|tWari experiments in 
700 12 Bennett, Wendell Clark,|d1905-1953.|tExcavations at Wari, 
       Ayacucho, Peru. 
700 12 Bragayrac, Enrique.|tArchaeological excavations in the 
       Vegachayoq Moqo sector of Huari. 
700 12 Brewster-Wray, Christine Carolyn.|tSpatial patterning and 
       the function of a Huari architectural compound. 
700 12 Isbell, William Harris,|d1943-|tRural foundation for 
700 12 Isbell, William Harris,|d1943-|tWas Wari a state? 
700 12 Lumbreras, Luis Guillermo.|tWari Empire: A.D. 700-1100. 
700 12 Rowe, John Howland,|d1918-2004.|tReconnaissance notes on 
       the site of Huari, near Ayacucho, Peru. 
710 2  Human Relations Area Files, inc. 
730 02 Huari administrative structure.|kSelections. 
830  0 EHRAF archaeology.|pSouth America. 
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