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245 04 The Gottman Method Approach to Better Couples Therapy /
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505 00 |tSharpening Concepts of What Works (2:05);|tGottmans' New
       Love Lab (5:29);|tWhat Predicts Future of a Relationship? 
       (4:37);|tPhase Space Plots of Relationships (15:29);
       |tSound Relationship House (6:35);|tConflict and 
       Physiology (12:04);|tInterventions: Positive Startup (7:
       00);|tInterventions: Turning Toward and Accepting 
       Influence (5:28);|tInterventions: Repair (2:08);|tBuilding
       Trust (12:13);|tBuilding Commitment (19:48);|tMaking 
       Couples Therapy Work (2:10);|tQ/A: Working with a 
       Narcissist (4:16);|tQ/A: Issues of Addiction (4:30);|tQ/A:
       Treating One Partner (4:20);|tQ/A: Order of Sessions (6:
       05);|tQ/A: Giving Clients Hope (4:37); 
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520    In recent years, research has identified key, measurable 
       elements of happy and stable long-term relationships. They
       include trust, attunement, listening compassionately and 
       nondefensively within conflict, a relational safe haven, 
       and emotional commitment. In this video workshop with John
       Gottman and Julie Gottman, viewers learn tools for 
       approaching couples therapy more effectively. The program 
       teaches how to enhance a couple’s capacity for 
       gratitude, cherishing, and commitment; offers 
       interventions that increase couples’ ability to 
       deescalate anger, manage conflict, and repair ruptures in 
       the relationship; explains how to stay calm in the midst 
       of couples’ relationship conflicts and have hope 
       even when they feel hopeless. 
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