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035    Springer Complete Protocols 
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245 00 Stem cell migration :|bmethods and protocols /|cedited by 
       Marie-Dominique Filippi, Hartmut Geiger. 
260    New York :|bHumana Press,|c©2011. 
300    1 online resource (xii, 326 pages) :|billustrations 
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490 1  Methods in molecular biology,|x1940-6029 ;|v750 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tTrafficking of stem cells /|rClaire Magnon, Daniel Lucas,
       and Paul S. Frenette --|tMigratory strategies of normal 
       and malignant stem cells /|rDavid A. Hess and Alison L. 
       Allan --|tHematopoietic stem cell characterization and 
       isolation /|rLara Rossi [and others] --|tIsolation and 
       characterization of adult neural stem cells /|rFlorian A. 
       Siebzehnrubl [and others] --|tMagnetic resonance imaging 
       of stem cell migration /|rEva Sykova, Pavla Jendelova, and
       Vit Herynek --|tImaging of schwann cells in vivo /|rRahul 
       Kasukurthi and Terence M. Myckatyn --|tImaging of 
       embryonic stem cell migration in vivo /|rAndrew S. Lee and
       Joseph C. Wu --|tIn vivo germ line stem cell migration : a
       mouse model /|rBrian Dudley and Kathleen Molyneaux --
       |tLive microscopy of neural stem cell migration in brain 
       slices /|rJin-Wu Tsai and Richard B. Vallee --|tWhole 
       embryo imaging of hematopoietic cell emergence and 
       migration /|rMichael J. Ferkowicz and Mervin C. Yoder --
       |tStem cell migration : a zebrafish model /|rPulin Li and 
       Leonard I. Zon --|tImaging pluripotent cell migration in 
       Drosophila /|rMichael J. Murray and Robert Saint --
       |tAdhesion, migration, and homing of murine hematopoietic 
       stem cells and progenitors /|rJose A. Cancelas --|tMethods
       to analyze the homing efficiency and spatial distribution 
       of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and their 
       relationship to the bone marrow endosteum and vascular 
       endothelium /|rJochen Grassinger and Susie K. Nilsson --
       |tImaging hematopoietic stem cells in the marrow of long 
       bones in vivo /|rAnja Kohler, Hartmut Geiger, and Matthias
       Gunzer --|tStudies of adult neural stem cell migration /
       |rAdam C. Puche and Serena Bovetti --|tDissecting 
       mesenchymal stem cell movement : migration assays for 
       tracing and deducing cell migration /|rErika L. Spaeth and
       Frank C. Marini --|tEpithelial stem cells /|rKyle M. 
       Draheim and Stephen Lyle --|tPathways implicated in stem 
       cell migration : the SDF-1/CXCR4 axis /|rYaron Vagima [and
       others] --|tRole of receptor tyrosine kinases in 
       primordial germ cell migration /|rLouise Silver-Morse and 
       Willis X. Li --|tRho GTPases in hematopoietic stem/
       progenitor cell migration /|rWei Liu [and others]. 
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520    The migration of stem cells has been found to be critical 
       during early development for the organization of the 
       embryonic body as well as during adult life with tissue 
       homeostasis and regeneration of organ function. Due to the
       low frequency of these cells in vivo, problems in 
       identifying and prospectively purifying tissue specific 
       stem cells near homogeneity, and, most importantly, a lack
       of adequate technologies and protocols to study stem cell 
       migration in vivo, this vital research has been quite 
       difficult until recently. In Stem Cell Migration: Methods 
       and Protocols, experts in the field compile and highlight 
       the standard and novel techniques that allow the studying 
       of the migration of stem cells in one succinct manual. 
       Including protocols on germ, neuronal, and hematopoietic 
       stem cells, during development and adulthood with a clear 
       emphasis on in vivo technologies, the volume also extends 
       its coverage to in vitro approaches toward several 
       developmentally-conserved signaling pathways. Written in 
       the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series 
       format, chapters include introductions to their respective
       topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, 
       step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, 
       and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. 
       Practical and convenient, Stem Cell Migration: Methods and
       Protocols provides key, state-of the art information on 
       experimental techniques for studying stem cell migration 
       both at a cellular and molecular level in development, 
       regeneration, and disease. 
546    English. 
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650  0 Stem cells. 
650  0 Cell migration. 
650  2 Cell Physiological Phenomena. 
650  2 Cells. 
650  2 Locomotion. 
650  2 Anatomy. 
650  2 Movement. 
650  2 Phenomena and Processes 
650  2 Physiological Phenomena. 
650  2 Stem Cells. 
650  2 Cell Movement. 
700 1  Filippi, Marie-Dominique. 
700 1  Geiger, Hartmut. 
776 08 |iPrinted edition:|z9781617791444 
830  0 Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ;|vv. 750.
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