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Title Kanerva's occupational dermatology / Thomas Rustemeyer [and others] (eds.).
Imprint Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2012.


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Edition 2nd ed.
Description 1 online resource : illustrations
Bibliog. Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Subject Dermatology.
Occupational diseases.
Dermatitis, Occupational.
Skin Diseases -- chemically induced.
Contents Acrylic Resins / Kristiina Aalto-Korte -- Acute and Recurrent Vesicular Hand Dermatitis / Jacob P. Thyssen and Torkil Menné -- Adhesives and Glues / Jana Präßler, Matthias Gebhardt and Peter Elsner -- Adverse Effects of Skin Protective Products, Including Sunscreens / Sibylle Schliemann -- Air Hammer Operators / Mili Shah and David J. Gawkrodger -- Airborne Contact Dermatitis / Jean-Marie Lachapelle -- Aircraft Industry / Marléne Isaksson -- Animals / Päivikki Susitaival -- Antiseptics and Disinfectants / Jean-Marie Lachapelle -- Aromatherapists / Kristiina Alanko -- Asphalt Workers (Paving) / R. Riala and Pirji Heikkila -- Atopic Dermatitis / Kristine Breuer and Thomas Werfel -- Atopy as a Factor in the Prognosis of Hand Dermatitis / Birgitta Meding -- Automotive Industry / Horst C. Broding and Manigé Fartasch -- Bakers / Niels K. Veien -- Barbers' Dermatoses (Barber's Hair Sinus) / Agustin Alomar, Luis Conde-Salazar and Felipe Heras -- Bartenders / Lasse Kanerva and Pieter J. Coenraads -- Bath Attendants / Richard Brans -- Batik Manufacturing Workers / Retno W. Soebaryo -- Battery Makers / Mike H. Beck and Jason D.L. Williams -- Beekeepers / Randolf Brehler -- Biologic Causes of Occupational Dermatoses / Jean-Marie Lachapelle -- Boat Builders / Kyllikki Tarvainen, Pirkko Pfäffli, Tuula Estlander and Katri Suuronen.
Brake-Lining Workers / Mike H. Beck and Jason D.L. Williams -- Butchers and Slaughterhouse Workers / Niels K. Veien -- Candle Makers / Richard Brans -- Carpenters / Michael Haeberle -- Cement / Christian Avnstorp -- Cement Workers / Christian Avnstorp -- Ceramic and Pottery Workers / John S.C. English and J. Hobson -- Cheese Makers / Peter Elsner and Frank O. Nestle -- Chemical Skin Burns / Audris Chiang, Magnus Bruze, Sigfrid Fregert and Birgitta Gruvberger -- Chemically Induced Hair Loss/Alopecia / Howard I. Maibach and Ian Yamaguchi -- Chemists / Riitta Jolanki -- Child Daycare Workers / Marjolein Wintzen -- Chromium / Geetanjali Sethi, Viswanath Reddy Belum, Desmond Burrows, Howard I. Maibach and Jurij J. Hostynek -- Chronic Venous Insufficiency and Occupation / Edith M. de Boer -- Cigarette and Cigar Makers and Tobacco Workers / Christophe J. Le Coz -- Classification of Occupations / Wolfgang Uter -- Coatings / Carmen Maria Sălăvăstru, Letiţia Bucur, Gheorghe Bucur and George-Sorin Ţiplica -- Cobalt / Carola Lidén and Anneli Julander -- Colophony: Rosin in Unmodified and Modified Form / Ann-Therese Karlberg -- Confectionery and Candy Makers / Firas A. Al-Niaimi and Calum C. Lyon -- Construction Workers / Christian Avnstorp -- Contact Allergy to Phenol-Formaldehyde Resins / Erik Zimerson and Magnus Bruze.
Contact Dermatitis Due to Irritation / Dimitar Antonov, Sibylle Schliemann and Peter Elsner -- Contact Dermatitis in Cabinet Makers / Aieska De Souza and David E. Cohen -- Cosmetologists / Patricia G. Engasser, Howard I. Maibach, Tam Tiet and James S. Taylor -- Cutting Fluids / Iain S. Foulds -- Dermatitis Artefacta / Wolfgang Harth -- Detergent Workers / Markku Vanhanen and Kristiina Aalto-Korte -- Detergents / Lilla Landeck, Lynn A. Baden and Swen-Malte John -- Dictionary of Contact Allergens: Chemical Structures, Sources, and References / Jean-Pierre Lepoittevin and Christophe J. Le Coz -- Disadvantages of Gloves / Sara K. Flores, Tuula Estlander, Riitta Jolanki and Howard I. Maibach -- Divers / Menno T.W. Gaastra -- Drug Allergens / Andreas J. Bircher -- Electronics Workers / David Koh and Claire Quah -- Electroplaters / Antti Lauerma, Mirja Kiilunen and Lasse Kanerva -- Embalmers (Including Funeral Service Workers) / Linn D. Holness -- Emollients: Effects, Evidence, and Side Effects / Tove Agner and Jakob Mutanu Jungersted -- Engravers / Adriene Lee -- Epoxy Resins / Rosemary Nixon, Jennifer Cahill and Riitta Jolanki -- Ethical Aspects / Nikolaus Knoepffler and Martin O'Malley -- Evidence-Based Management of Hand Eczema / Gerda J. Lensen, Frank H.W. Jungbauer and Pieter J. Coenraads.
Farmers and Farmworkers / Radoslaw Spiewak -- Fiberglass, Dusts / Daniel J. Hogan and Megan Morrison -- Floor Layers / Luis Conde-Salazar, Felipe Heras and Agustin Alomar -- Florists / Christopher R. Lovell -- Forestry Workers / Michael Haeberle -- Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde-Releasers / Anton C. de Groot and Mari-Ann Flyvholm -- Foundry Workers / Mariko Sugiura and K. Sugiura -- Fragrances and Essential Oils / Anton C. de Groot -- Frictional Trauma/Mechanic Skin Diseases / Klaus E. Andersen -- Fur Farming and the Fur Industry / Jukka Uitti -- Furniture Manufacture / Michael Haeberle -- Gardeners / Christopher R. Lovell -- Genetic Identification of Individuals with Increased Risk of Developing Occupational Skin Diseases / Sanja Kezic -- Glass Workers / Mark S. Wilkinson -- Gold / Marléne Isaksson -- Grinders and Brazers of Hard Metal and Stellite / Markku Linnainmaa and Katri Suuronen -- Hair Disorders Induced by External Factors / Marcel C. Pasch -- Hairdressers / Harma Stenveld -- Healthcare Workers / Donald V. Belsito -- Helpdesk and Allergen Supply of Rare Allergens / Klaus E. Andersen -- Highway Construction Workers / Hanspeter Rast -- History of Occupational Dermatology / Jean-Marie Lachapelle -- House Workers / Frank H.W. Jungbauer -- Hyperkeratotic Dermatitis of the Palms / Jacob P. Thyssen and Torkil Menné
Identification of Contact Allergens by In Vitro Cell Culture-Based Methods / Susan Gibbs, Stefan F. Martin, Emanuela Corsini and Hermann-Josef Thierse -- Identification of Skin Irritants and Allergens by In Vivo and In Vitro Methods / Viswanath Reddy Belum, Geetanjali Sethi, Philip Hewitt and Howard I. Maibach -- Immunology and Barrier Function of the Skin / Thomas Rustemeyer and Manigé Fartasch -- In Vitro Delayed-Type Sensitivity Testing / Detlef Becker -- Industrial Enzymes / David A. Basketter -- Inks and Dyes / Christophe J. Le Coz -- Insulation Workers / R. Riala -- Ionizing Radiation / Seema Garg and David J. Gawkrodger -- Iontophoresis / Erhard Hölzle -- Jewelers / Juan Vilaplana -- Laboratory Technicians / Riitta Jolanki -- Leather and Shoes / Johannes Geier and Holger Lessmann -- Leather Industry / Johannes Geier and Holger Lessmann -- Locksmiths / Adriene Lee -- Machinists / Undine Frank and Peter Elsner -- Masseurs / Marléne Isaksson -- Mechanical Causes of Occupational Skin Disease / Richard Brans -- Mechanisms of Allergic Contact Dermatitis / Thomas Rustemeyer, Ingrid M.W. van Hoogstraten, B. Mary E. von Blomberg and Rik J. Scheper -- Metal Industry / Peter Elsner -- Military Personnel / Akiva Trattner, Aneta Lazarov and Arieh Ingber -- Mining (Tunneling) / Hanspeter Rast -- Mountain Guides / Matthias Moehrle -- Multiple Chemical Sensitivity / Hans Drexler -- Musicians / Derk P. Bruynzeel.
Nanotechnology and Skin / Jakob T. Madsen and Klaus E. Andersen -- Nickel / Carola Lidén -- Non-Immunologic Contact Urticaria / Ian Yamaguchi, A. Lahti and Howard I. Maibach -- Noneczematous Occupational Contact Reactions / Chee Leok Goh -- Occupation-Induced Skin Cancer / Anand N. Patel and John S.C. English -- Occupational Allergy to Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) / Henning Allmers -- Occupational and Environmental Acne / Penpun Wattanakrai and James S. Taylor -- Occupational Connective Tissue Disorders / Uwe-Frithjof Haustein and B. Lietzberg -- Occupational Contact Dermatitis / Thomas L. Diepgen and Pieter J. Coenraads -- Occupational Contact Dermatitis in Dental Personnel / Thomas Rustemeyer and Peter J. Frosch -- Occupational Immunologic Contact Urticaria / P. Heydari, Iris S. Ale and Howard I. Maibach -- Occupational MRSA Infection: Risk Factor, Disposition, Prevention, and Therapy / Nana Y. Schuerer and Olaf Kaup -- Occupational Nail Disorders / Robert Baran -- Occupational Skin Cancer / Thomas L. Diepgen and Hans Drexler -- Oil Rig Workers / Markus F.C. Steiner and Anthony D. Ormerod -- Online Databases and Sources of Information / Annika Wilke and Swen-Malte John -- Operating Room Staff / Linn D. Holness -- Organic Solvents / Sibylle Schliemann, Anders Boman and Jan E. Wahlberg -- Other Occupational Skin Diseases / Elke Weisshaar and Thomas L. Diepgen.
Other Plastics / George-Sorin Ţiplica, Letiţia Bucur, Gheorghe Bucur and Carmen Maria Sălăvăstru -- Other Topical Therapies (Dyes, Tanning Agents, Tars, CO2) / Claudia Schröder-Kraft -- Painters, Lacquerers, and Varnishers / Tuula Estlander and Riitta Jolanki -- Paints, Lacquers, and Varnishes / Tuula Estlander and Riitta Jolanki -- Patch Test Concentrations and Vehicles for Testing Contact Allergens / Anton C. de Groot -- Patch Testing with Patient's Own Materials Handled at Work / Andrea Krautheim, Holger Lessmann and Johannes Geier -- Percutaneous Penetration / Aaron Wiener and Howard I. Maibach -- Pesticide-Related Dermatoses / Mai A. Ngo, Michael O'Malley and Howard I. Maibach -- Pharmacoeconomics of Occupational Diseases / Matthias Augustin -- Photoallergic Contact Dermatitis / James Ferguson and Alastair C. Kerr -- Photographers and Other Photo-Lab Workers / Carola Lidén -- Phototherapy / Kristine Breuer and Thomas Werfel -- Phototoxic Dermatitis / Margarida Gonçalo -- Physical Causes -- Heat, Cold, and Other Atmospheric Factors / Wolfgang Uter and Lasse Kanerva -- Physiochemical Methods for Detection of Occupational Contact Allergens / Malin Frick-Engfeldt, Birgitta Gruvberger and Magnus Bruze -- Pigment Disorders / J.P. Wietze van der Veen and Maryam Yazdani -- Pitch Workers / Chuan Ma, James S. Taylor and Thomas F. Downham II.
Pitfalls in the Diagnosis of Occupational Contact Dermatitis / An Goossens -- Plant Survey and Inspection / Christopher L. Packham -- Plants / Christopher R. Lovell -- Plastic Composites / Kyllikki Tarvainen, Tuula Estlander, Pirkko Pfäffli and Katri Suuronen -- Plumbers and Pipe Fitters / Uwe Hillen -- Polyester Resins / Rosemary Nixon, Jennifer Cahill and Riitta Jolanki -- Polyurethane Resins / Malin Frick-Engfeldt, Tuula Estlander and Riitta Jolanki -- Polyvinyl Resins / Letiţia Bucur, Carmen Maria Sălăvăstru, Gheorghe Bucur and George-Sorin Ţiplica -- Poultry Processors / Margarida Gonçalo -- Prediction of Skin Irritation by Noninvasive Bioengineering Methods / Ron A. Tupker -- Prevention and Rehabilitation / Christoph Skudlik and Swen-Malte John -- Prevention in Food Workers / Andrea Bauer -- Prevention in Health-Care Professionals / Lilla Landeck, Britta Wulfhorst and Swen-Malte John -- Prevention in Metalworkers / Christian Apfelbacher, Jochen Schmitt and Thomas L. Diepgen -- Prevention of Occupational Skin Cancer / Kerry E. Adam, Peter H. Soyer and Keith William James Adam -- Prick and Intracutaneous Testing and IgE Testing / Vera Mahler -- Printers and Lithographers / Catriona I. Wootton and John S.C. English -- Prognosis of Allergic Contact Dermatitis / John S.C. English -- Prognosis of Irritant Contact Dermatitis / Kaija Lammintausta.
Prognosis of Occupational Contact Dermatitis / Chee Leok Goh -- Protective Creams and Emollients / Dimitar Antonov, Sibylle Schliemann and Peter Elsner -- Protective Gloves / Anders Boman -- Psoriasis and Work / Christoph Skudlik and Swen-Malte John -- Pulp and Paper Workers, and Paper Dermatitis / Michael Haeberle -- Quality of Life (QoL) in Relation to Occupational Skin Diseases / Tove Agner -- Questionnaire Methods in Occupational Skin Disease Epidemiology / Päivikki Susitaival -- Railroad Shop Workers / Hanspeter Rast -- Retinoids / Sonja C. Molin and Thomas Ruzicka -- Risk Assessment for Skin Exposure / Christopher L. Packham -- Roofers / Donald V. Belsito -- Rubber / Donald V. Belsito -- Shoe Manufacturers and Repairers / Johannes Geier and Holger Lessmann -- Silk-Screen Workers / An Goossens -- Skin Bioengineering / Gérald E. Piérard, Philippe Paquet, Lorine Preudhomme, Fanchon Noël and Pascale Quatresooz -- Skin Biopsy and Dermatopathology / Mirjana Ziemer -- Skin Disorders in Athletes: Professional and Recreational Sports / Savina Aneja and James S. Taylor -- Skin Health and Surveillance / Helen Taylor -- Some Other Metals / Carola Lidén and Anneli Julander -- Spices / Stefanie E. Pentinga -- Stonemasons / Anne Schmidt.
Sugar Artists / Peter Elsner -- Sulfuric Acid Burns / Geetanjali Sethi, Viswanath Reddy Belum and Howard I. Maibach -- Surveillance in Occupational Contact Dermatitis / Wolfgang Uter -- Swimming Pool Worker Dermatoses / Aieska De Souza and David E. Cohen -- Systemic Diseases by Absorption Through the Skin / Hans Drexlerv -- Tattoo Artists / Margarida Gonçalo -- Textile Workers / Ângelo Azenha -- The Electronics Industry / V. Smith and John S.C. English -- The Identification of Skin Allergens by In Vivo Assay / David A. Basketter -- The Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries / An Goossens and Kim Vander Hulst -- Topical and Systemic Corticosteroids / Stephanie Soost and Margitta Worm -- Treatment of Chronic Hand Eczema: Other Immunomodulating Therapies / Rodrigo da Mota and Bernhard Homey -- Treatment of Occupational Skin Cancer / Rudolf A. Herbst -- Urticaria / Christophe J. Le Coz -- UV Exposure / Peter Knuschke -- Vegetables and Fruit / Andrea Bauer, Wolfgang Uter and Christiane Szliska -- Veterinarians / Päivikki Susitaival -- Welding / Monica Hindsén and Magnus Bruze -- Wet Work and Occlusion / Dimitar Antonov, Sibylle Schliemann, Peter Elsner and Swen-Malte John -- Winemakers / Ronald R. Brancaccio and David H. Chu -- Woods / B.M. Hausen.
Summary Annotation Thoroughly revised and updated, this volume provides a comprehensive reference on the field of occupational skin disease. An overview of epidemiology, diagnostic approaches, contact materials, patient care and prevention methods is presented.
Other Author Rustemeyer, Thomas.
Other Title Printed edition 9783642020346